27 November, 2017
27 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 8% Metalaxyl (80 g/kg) by weight.
64% Mancozeb (640 g/kg) by weight.
Wettable Powder (WP).
AUTHORISED APPLICATIONS Preventive and curative fungicide treatments on grapevines: against mildew; broccoli, onion, cauliflower, melon, cucumber, cabbage and watermelon: against mildew; potato: against black mould, anthracnose and mildew; tobacco: against blue mould.
DOSE Apply as a normal spray at 0.20-0.30% (200-300 g/100 l), depending on the stage of development of the crop.
HOW TO USE To ensure that lumps do not appear, add the required amount of the product by shaking it into a small amount of water and stirring this mixture into the rest of the liquid. We recommend that you prepare just the amount of solution you need so that no leftovers remain for subsequent applications.
Treatments that use XILUQ must be preventive in nature to ensure better control of diseases.
Grapevine and trellised vine we recommend a maximum of 4 treatments per campaign. The first treatment should be carried out to prevent initial attacks, in accordance with the indications from the warning stations in the area or, as a preventive measure on buds of 20-30 cm. The next two treatments should be completed before and when flowering ends. If a fourth treatment is carried out using XILUQ, this should be 14 days after flowering has ended. When the maximum recommended number of applications of XILUQ have been completed, the remaining treatments in the campaign should be completed using preventive fungicides, such as COBRELUQ-50 and BORDELÉS LUQSA. The length of time between the last treatment using XILUQ and a subsequent contact product is a maximum of 10 days. Potato, onion and gourd family plants a maximum of 3 treatments per campaign will be made, preferably during the initial crop phases and followed by contact fungicides if necessary. There will be a 14-day interval between treatments, reducing to 10 if the pressure from the disease recommends it. The interval between the last treatment using XILUQ and a subsequent contact product will be less than 7 days. Tobacco seedbeds 2-3 treatments per campaign, with an interval of 7 days between treatments and we recommend that the first treatment is during the seedling stage with 4 leaves. Tobacco fields 2-3 definitive treatments, with an interval of 10 days between treatments, with the first, at most, 7 days before transplanting.
SAFETY DEADLINE 21 days between the last treatment and harvesting.
Grapevine: not applicable at the time of application.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS XILUQ is chemically compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, etc., used in agriculture, except those that have an alkaline action.
Since it is impossible to prevent resistance from appearing, the company takes no liability derived from the presence of stocks that are resistant to metalaxyl.
In the recommended dose, XILUQ presents no tolerance problems for the crop.
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