28 November, 2017


COMPOSITION Made from 100% micronised mineral kaolin.

SOMBREADOR LUQSA forms a fi lm of fi ne mineral particles that reduces the risk of sensitivity to the sun on agricultural crops.

DOSES AND HOW TO USE Apply in normal foliar spray at a rate of 4-5 kg per 100 litres of water. Blend the mixture well. We recommend adding our LUQMULLANT wetting product to help with its distribution and make it more effi cient.
Do not apply directly to wet surfaces as this will reduce its effi ciency.
HANDLING PRECAUTIONS Keep out of the reach of children.
We recommend using dust masks and protective goggles: it may cause slight irritation to the eyes and/or respiratory system. Wash yourself thoroughly with soap and water after using the product. Remove contaminated clothes and wash them before using them again.
Recommended for use in ecological agriculture.
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