21 November, 2017
21 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 67% total humic extract by weight. 60% humic acids by weight. 7% fulvic acids by weight. 11% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) by weight. Product obtained through leonardite processing. Class A Heavy metal content lower than the authorised limits for this classification.
USES MEJORADOR LUQSA favours soil recovery, improving its fertility and favouring microbial activity. In clay soils, it improves the soil structure, its permeability and aeration. In sandy soils, it increases cation exchange and improves water retention capacity. The humic and fulvic acids unlock nutrients from the soil and act as natural complexing agents. Its radicular application improves rooting and, consequently, more rapid, vigorous and balanced development of the plants, attaining higher productions of better quality. It also acts by improving the use of fertilizers by activating the microbial fl ora in the soil and resistance to adverse weather conditions. In addition, the provision of potassium improves enzymatic activation, the translocation of assimilates, regulates osmotic processes (it is chiefl y responsible for making water in the soil enter the roots) and displaces sodium ions.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE Application on the soil: In localised irrigation, we recommend using 1-3 kg/ha until completing 8-25 kg/ha during the crop cycle at intervals of 7 to 15 days in citrus trees, fruit trees, grapevines, banana trees and olive trees. At 1-2.5 kg/ha until completing 6-20 kg/ha with intervals of 15 days in horticultural and ornamental plants.
Other crops at doses of between 5-10 kg/ha.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.
We recommend watering after application to aid its penetration to the level of the roots, when the product is applied by injection or ditches.
Do not mix with products with acid reaction, calcium nitrate, nitric acid and phosphoric acid.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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