7 November, 2017
7 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 8% water-soluble zinc (Zn) by weight, chelated by EDTA and HEEDTA.
4% zinc (Zn) by weight, in EDTA form.
4% zinc (Zn) by weight, in HEEDTA form.
The pH interval at which good stability of the chelated fraction is guaranteed: pH between 4 and 9.
USES It is a zinc (Zn) corrector on all types of crops (fruit, citrus, horticultural, ornamental and cereal) that can be applied both as foliar and as irrigation, or added directly to the soil. As it is in chelated form, the assimilation and use of zinc by the plant is total, quick and effective.
Zinc is essential for the formation of auxins (growth regulators), and it intervenes in the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins and vitamin C. It has an effect on the setting, maturation and lignification of the fruit.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE The most suitable time of year for its application is before the tree starts vegetative growth or at the fi rst sign of symptoms of defi ciency.
Foliar application: 100-150 cc/hl. Depending on the severity of the defi ciency, 2 to 3 sprays with an interval of around 20 days are generally advisable.
For citrus trees, apply before the fl ower opens, after the petals fall and in the summer budding.
Application on the soil: in direct application on the soil, irrigate immediately after so that the product reaches the roots more easily.
In nurseries, from 14 to 25 cc/plant.
In young trees, from 50 to 75 cc/tree.
In very chlorotic adult trees, from 50 to 125 cc/tree.
Application by fertigation: 4 to 6 litres, depending on the degree of defi ciency and the type of crop.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS LUQSAZINC-8 is compatible with most of the more commonly used plant protection products and fertilizers.
It is advisable to avoid times of extreme temperature and to soak all of the foliage well.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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