7 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 7.5% water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO) by weight.
15% water-soluble sulphur trioxide (SO3) by weight.
0.05% water-soluble boron (B) by weight in mineral form.
0.01% water-soluble copper (Cu) by weight, chelated by EDTA and HEEDTA.
0.25% water-soluble iron (Fe) by weight, chelated by EDTA and HEEDTA.
0.10% water-soluble manganese (Mn) by weight, chelated by EDTA and HEEDTA.
0.007% water-soluble molybdenum (Mo) by weight in mineral form.
0.02% water-soluble zinc (Zn) by weight, chelated by EDTA and HEEDTA.
USES LUQSAMAG-S is a soluble liquid magnesium solution with microelements that act preventively and curatively against the defi ciencies caused by a defi ciency of magnesium, zinc and the microelements present in this formulation.
Magnesium forms part of the chlorophyll molecule and plays a fundamental role in photosynthesis and in the formation of other pigments, activating many of the metabolism enzymes of glucosides and proteins. Sulphur forms part of vitamins, amino acids (cysteine and methionine), proteins, coenzymes and glycosides.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE Foliar application: 150-200 cc/hl. Depending on the needs of the crop or the intensity of the defi ciency, 2-3 treatments spaced at around 20 days between each one are necessary. Application by fertigation: Small trees and low plants 20-30 cc/plant.
Young trees 30-75 cc/tree.
Adult trees 75-125 cc/tree.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS In foliar applications, it can be mixed with all of the more commonly used fertilizers and plant protection products, except for those with a strong alkaline reaction.
Avoid application at times of most sunlight.
Soak all of the foliage well.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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