21 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 25% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) by weight.
24% water-soluble sulphur trioxide (SO3) by weight.
Free from chloride.
USES KATES-LUQSA is a clear liquid solution, free of chlorine and nitrogen, specially for fertigation and foliar application. KATES-LUQSA provides sulphur and calcium in the form of thiosulphate, whose power to break down increases the assimilation of micronutrients in the plant.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE Foliar application: 200-400 cc/hl of water.
Fertigation: apply between 20-40 l/ha.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS We recommend applying KATES-LUQSA at cooler times of the day.
Do not use with crops that are sensitive to sulphur toxicity.
Do not mix with acid or basic fertilizers.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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