21 November, 2017
fertiluq mag boro
21 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 4% total ureic nitrogen (N) by weight.
25% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) by weight.
USES FERTILUQ TAMPÓN is an NP solution for use as a source of these two essential elements for the plant. Due to its high phosphorus content, it is especially suitable for favouring the flowering and setting of fruits in all types of crops. Phosphorus is a macroelement that intervenes in the transport, storage and transfer of energy in crops.
Due to its acidity, FERTILUQ TAMPÓN can also be used to regulate the pH of alkaline waters used in treatments for foliar application.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE Apply in a foliar spray at a dose of 100 cc/hl.
For fruit trees, apply in pre-flowering and after setting of the fruit. For horticultural crops, apply after 4 real leaves and after the first setting.
If you want to make the most of its pH buffering capacity, you should follow the instructions below:
1) Fill the spray tank with clean water up to the desired level.
2) Slowly add FERTILUQ TAMPÓN to the water, until the pH is adjusted between 6 and 6.5, using the doses shown in the attached table for this.
Table of orientative pH values obtained depending on the dose of FERTILUQ TAMPÓN applied:

3) Once the pH has been adjusted, add the rest of the products to be used.
To check the effectiveness of this product, submerge the pH indicator strips attached to the container for a few seconds in the water in the spray tank, one before and one after adding FERTILUQ TAMPÓN, and check the pH value that is obtained by comparing the colour of the strips with the colours of each pH value shown below: (The indicator strips can only be used once).
USAGE PRECAUTIONS As with any foliar treatment, avoid carrying out applications in high temperatures and at times of most sunlight.
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