FERTILUQ S 13-39-13
FERTILUQ S 13-39-13
21 November, 2017
FERTILUQ S 15-5-30
FERTILUQ S 15-5-30
21 November, 2017

FERTILUQ S 30-10-10

COMPOSITION 30% total nitrogen (N) by weight. 2.8% nitric nitrogen (N) by weight. 3% ammoniacal nitrogen (N) by weight. 24.2% ureic nitrogen (N) by weight.
10% water-soluble and neutral ammonium citrate-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) by weight.
10% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) by weight.
0.025% water-soluble boron (B) by weight in mineral form. 0.01% water-soluble copper (Cu) by weight, chelated by EDTA. 0.04% water-soluble iron (Fe) by weight, chelated by EDTA. 0.07% water-soluble manganese (Mn) by weight, chelated by EDTA. 0.003% water-soluble molybdenum (Mo) by weight in mineral form. 0.015% water-soluble zinc (Zn) by weight, chelated by EDTA.
Free from chloride.
USES FERTILUQ S 30-10-10 is a solid water-soluble foliar fertilizer formulated on a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium base, balanced at a ratio of 3-1-1, with chelated micronutrients, which are characterised by their high degree of purity and rapid assimilation.
FERTILUQ S 30-10-10 quickly corrects the imbalances that may arise in the fertilisation or fertigation of the crop. Due to its high nitrogen content, it is especially recommended for stimulating budding and vegetative development in the early stages of growth.
As foliar fertilizer, it complements a rational fertilisation of the soil. It can be used with all types of crops and is especially recommended during the first phase of the vegetative cycle, as well as after harvesting to help with the recovery of the tree.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE The normal use of FERTILUQ S 30-10-10 is 300 g/hl, which can be increased to 500 g/hl when considered necessary or a fast result is required.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS Avoid carrying out the treatment at times of most sunlight, as rapid evaporation of the water hinders its foliar absorption.
It can be used with most plant protection products.
Do not mix with oils or strongly alkaline products.
Do not apply during fl owering.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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