7 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 75% water-soluble total metal copper (Cu) by weight (red copper oxide).
85% cuprous oxide weight.
USES Copper defi ciency corrector in all types of crops. Its formulation in the form of cuprous oxide represents the most suitable way of correcting copper defi ciencies in any method of use./td>
DOSES AND HOW TO USE Due to its particle size, it displays great fi xing power, penetrating and covering the treated surface better than other forms of copper. The normal foliar spray application doses are 100 -250 g/hl.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS Avoid treatment at times of most sunlight.
Observe all due precautions in cold and damp areas and in some varieties of fruit trees, grapevine and other crops due to the phytotoxicity of copper.
Treatments should be repeated after heavy rainfall.
Do not mix with polysulphides, TMTD, or very acid or very basic substances.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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