ahuluq 15
20 November, 2017
7 November, 2017


COMPOSITION 15% total humic extract by weight.
10% humic acids by weight.
5% fulvic acids by weight.
7% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) by weight.
Product obtained through leonardite processing.
USES It provides organic matter, in the form of humic and fulvic acids, to favour more balanced and rapid growth of the plants. It can be used with all types of crops, both in the soil and foliar. As an organic conditioner, it improves the soil structure, ventilation and ion exchange capacity; it also favours the assimilation of nutrients by the plants.
DOSES AND HOW TO USE Foliar application: 150-300 cc per 100 litres.
Application on the soil:
In localised irrigation, apply 15-40 l/ha, applying it throughout its vegetative cycle and distributed in one average weekly application.
In flood irrigation, apply 40-60 l/ha.
As an organic conditioner for soil, apply between 60-80 l/ha depending on the needs of the land.
To aid rooting in transplants, wet the roots of the plants to be transplanted in a solution of 0.7% to 1%. AHULUQ SM improves the performance of seeds when they are treated in a solution of 20-40%.
USAGE PRECAUTIONS Avoid carrying out treatments in high temperatures or at times of strong sunlight, as this could cause burns at the tips of the leaves.
AHULUQ-SM can be mixed with our FERTILUQ foliar fertilizers.
Do not mix with herbicides incompatible with organic matter.
Do not mix with products with acid reaction, calcium nitrate, nitric acid and phosphoric acid.
For more information, please consult our Agronomy Technical Department.
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