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At LUQSA we manufacture top-quality fertilizers and plant protection products thanks to the constant hard work of our staff and technical team comprised of agronomists, chemists and engineers, always at the forefront in research and in constant technological evolution in the fi eld of the manufacture, handling and distribution of our chemical products.

Over 50 years' experience, dedication and presence in our sector enable us to offer one of the most complete ranges of fertilizers on the market, which means we are able to meet the nutritional demands of all crops in the various stages of development. To help keep your crops healthy, we also have an extensive range of plant protection products that are a must for your farm.

Thanks to our long track record in business, we at LUQSA have grown to become a global company, supplying the international market with both our own brands and with products manufactured for different multinational companies in the agrochemical sector.

We have specialised in tailor-made service, adapting our products to the real needs of every customer, taking the utmost care right down to the last detail, creating specific fertilizer plans for farms, and informing and advising at all times.

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Our commitment is to our customers, attending to the specific and real needs of every one of them down to the last detail, to society as a whole, to the environment and to the health of workers, respecting the legal and regulatory framework in each case, so ensuring a better and more positive world.

The Agronomy Technical Department creates tailormade plans for all types of farm depending on their needs, listening to and advising the customer on agronomic matters, and conducting a complete monitoring of evolution and needs, making the necessary adjustments.

We adjust our product formulas to the needs of every farm and every crop.

We assume the need for continuous improvement, developing products and innovative technologies within a sustainable framework.


At LUQSA we are concerned for the environment, so we are unceasing in the research and development of sustainable, environmentally friendly products, rigorously complying with current legislation and with the highest quality standards.

All of our correctors and fertilizers are 0 WASTE.

We are registered on the SIGFITO packaging management programme, meaning we provide a 100% ecological solution to the packaging of our plant protection products

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We are at the forefront in research and development. We have the best laboratory technologies for research into formulae that help improve our products.

Thanks to our new R+D+I Department, we are able to conduct the relevant research to adapt formulae to the needs of our customers' fields; we also foster our own research into new products and applications and strengthen collaboration with research centres and universities.

We have high quality standards that enable us to manufacture for numerous multinational companies in the sector.

We research to improve and innovate.

The quality seals that we possess award us high quality standards, meaning we carry out a lot of work for third parties.


Since our beginnings, we have believed that personalised care, closeness to our customers and commitment were the best way of making our business grow. We have continued to maintain these values up to the present day, where we can say with pride that every one of our customers feels special, cared-for and listened to by our sales and technical staff.

We have gone far thanks to the customers who place their trust in us every day.

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Innovation, research, development: at LUQSA, we are continuously evolving, improving our research systems and adapting them to the latest developments in plant protection products. Our future lies in continuous development within agriculture, establishing cutting-edge products that help our customers develop improved crops and greater yields in a sustainable and environmentallyfriendly setting.

The future of agrochemical and plant protection products lies with LUQSA.

commercial network Luqsa

LUQSA is present all over the world, especially the wide presence in the Arab and European market.

The international path that we carry out allows us to know the methodology and tuning of the necessary logistical support, and the follow-up of the legislative norms of each country and their particular bureaucratic procedures for the export, aspect of great value for an efficient and fluid trade towards the destination companies.

If you want to become our distributor, do not hesitate to contact us.


Delegate in Levante and Canary Islands:
Sr. Jaime Espinosa García. Tf: 629 757 761
Provinces: Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Madrid, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas.

Delegate in South and Portugal:
Sr. Manuel Diaz Rodríguez. Tf: 646 271 265
Provinces: Sevilla, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada, Málaga, Cádiz, Huelva, Cáceres and Badajoz.

Delegate in Cataluña, Baleares and Castellón:
Sr. Xavier Gómez de Pesquera. Tf: 686 959 692
Provinces: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Castellón and Baleares.

Delegate from the North of Spain and France:
Sra. Montse Sabater Ferret. Tf: 649 398 726
Provinces: Huesca, Zaragoza, Teruel, Navarra, La Rioja, Guipúzcoa, Ávila, Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid, Zamora, Asturias, Cantabria, Lugo, Orense, La Coruña and Pontevedra.

International Delegate:
Sr. Jesús Barrau Llena. Tf: (0034) 650 046 311
Skype: luqsa.laboratori


Trabajos a Terceros

LUQSA formulates and packages plant protection products and fertilisers for different companies in the industry. We can offer a service based on the exclusive requirements of each customer or based on our own formulas.

  • Our facilities are suited to formulate and package plant protection products and fertilisers as emulsifiable concentrates, soluble liquids, wettable powders, soluble powders and pellets.
  • We can package solids from 100 g up to large containers, and liquids from 15 cc up to large containers.

EIf you are interested in any contract manufacturing service, you can contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone, and we will give you an estimate with no commitment.

Exportación Luqsa

LUQSA has different subsidiaries with which you can sell in different countries, these are: ARISA, BACALPIN, MODORGA Y DANELCHEM.


Luqsa- Otros servicios

LUQSA can play an important role in all areas of your business if it is related to the plant world.

Apart from having its own fertilizer and phytosanitary fertilizer silver, LUQSA can also carry out: field trials, fertilization plans, disease detection and treatment plan, chemical formulation studies, studies of new products with in-depth efficacy tests, logistical shipments, preparation of technical documentation, etc.

In order to provide these services, LUQSA has a team of expert professionals in each of the fields, including professional profiles such as: Engineers, chemists, agronomists, ADR experts, analysts, etc.

If you require any service, contact us, we can help you.